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2017 Indoor Location Testbed - report now available!

The second Indoor Location Testbed, run by Grizzly Analytics at GeoIot World 2017, confirms for the second year that indoor location solutions are beating the previously established industry norms in all metrics of performance. Solutions evaluated this year achieved below 2 meter accuracy, in smartphone and in tag tracking, both with BLE beacons and infrastructure-free. Solutions deployed in under one hour setup. Solutions detected floor changes and maintained positioning accuracy while moving on stairs. Solutions achieved fast first location fixes within seconds of starting. All of these were evaluated and confirmed by our testbed staff, as detailed in this report. The 2017 testbed evaluated five solutions: One based on BLE tags, four on smartphones. One smartphone solution runs infrastructure-free, one incorporates camera-based image processing, and two blend BLE beacons with motion sensing. This Indoor Location Testbed is the only such testbed to evaluate a wide range of metrics. W…
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Not too late for the 2017 Indoor Location Testbed!

It's not too late to participate in the Indoor Location Testbed at GeoIoT World 2017!

The testbed will be seen by the GeoIoT World participants, including representatives from Sony, Bosch, Aruba, ABI Research, Philips, Cisco, TomTom, Qualcomm, European Space Agency, European GNSS Agency, Ericsson, Proctor & Gamble Services, Orange, Yandex, and many more. Where else will you have an opportunity to demo to so many interested people, from top companies, devoting their days to Geolocalization and IoT?

The Testbed also offers you the opportunity to be evaluated in the testbed report, appear in articles on industry sites, and get quotable comments from Grizzly Analytics regarding your solution's strengths and benefits.

To discuss participation in the testbed, you can e-mail us at, call us at +1-908-827-1580, chat with us live at or e-mail the GeoIoT World organizer at

We look forward to seeing you!

Only one month until the 2017 Testbed!

The 2nd annual Grizzly Analytics Indoor Location Testbed, part of the 2017 GeoIoT World Conference, will be held one month from today, June 7 and 8, in Brussels.
This is the ONLY testbed in the indoor location industry that evaluates solutions by more than a half dozen metrics. Other "contests" relate only to real-time accuracy, which doesn't reflect the many real-world considerations that venue owners have in selecting indoor location solutions. Our testbed evaluates real-time accuracy, stabilized accuracy, consistency, latency, set-up time in person-hours and total hours, proximity detection accuracy and time, indoor/outdoor integration, floor change detection, and more.

Want your solution to be validated in the metrics in which it shines? Whatever makes your solution unique, our testbed can measure it and validate your performance. Click here to download the specifications and register.

Want to see how a wide variety of solutions perform in these many metrics? Attend the…

Coming soon: 2017 Indoor Location Testbed

Coming soon in June: 2nd Grizzly Analytics indoor location testbed at the GeoIoT World conference in Brussels. 

The first testbed was great, with ten solutions from eight companies evaluated by a wide variety of metrics. And the second will be even better!

Click here to get details and register now! Or e-mail us with any questions.

33 Indoor Location Technologies at Mobile World Congress 2017

The number of companies exhibiting indoor location technologies at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) skyrocketed to 33!

Before MWC started, we released our Guide to Indoor Location at MWC, with 23 companies:

During the conference we notified our guide recipients of 10 other indoor location exhibitors that we saw. (Sign up here to receive our guide and to be on our mailing list for next year's MWC.)

This is many more indoor location related exhibits that previous years. The area is growing by leaps and bounds! Our recent report on indoor location technologies analyzed and profiled almost 200 companies!

Here are some videos, so you can see the technologies in action, followed by a list of the other indoor location companies that were at MWC.

First up is Philips Lighting, with high-accuracy indoor location positioning based on LED light modulation and visible light communication (VLC) technology:

Next comes Estimote, makers of Bluetooth (BLE) beacons, who introduced self-mapping b…

The year indoor location will truly take off

For years I've been writing sentences like "this will be the year that indoor location will explode into the market." I, and many others, have been expecting indoor location technology to enable the huge range of location-enabled apps, which currently work only outside where GPS signals are available, to work inside. But until now the promise of indoor location has remained a promise. But if we look at the reasons for this, we'll see that it is about to change. 2017 and 2018 are poised to be the years that the challenges keeping indoor location from going mainstream will be solved. First is accuracy. Most indoor location technologies until a year or so ago had accuracy in the range of 4 to 8 meters. This sounds good in principle, and in fact is better than GPS in many cases. But GPS systems are able to use road details to hide their inaccuracies, so that the blue dot seems to follow your driving car almost perfectly. But indoors, this sort of inaccuracy means your p…

Newly updated comprehensive report on indoor location technologies

NEWLY UPDATED: Comprehensive Report on Indoor Location Technologies 
The indoor location area is exploding, and will soon reach a tipping point in adoption. The above line has been the opening sentiment of Grizzly Analytics reports on Indoor Location since 2011, when our first report on indoor location was published. The logic has always been clear: The numbers of companies deploying their solutions in trials skyrocketed each year, and mobile app users are so dependent on outdoor location awareness in their mobile apps that the demand for indoor is clear. Unfortunately, while the number of indoor location solutions reaching market has risen dramatically, the number of indoor location systems entering true commercial use, beyond trials or experiments, has not yet truly taken off. Why hasn't indoor location taken off yet? Will it? When? Grizzly Analytics believes that the answer is multifaceted but a resounding YES. Four chall…